Lyle Hadlock

Pianist | Composer | Arranger

Lyle K. Hadlock portrait

About Lyle

His Life & Musical Career

Lyle was born and raised in Orem, Utah, youngest of a large family. From the age of three, Lyle began playing the piano by ear and has since proven his abilities at playing and writing various genres of music. Lyle not only plays the piano but is adept at the clarinet; he used to play in the United States Marine Band when serving the citizens of his country!

Lyle plays at many events, such as weddings, funerals, senior citizens' dances, company parties, and has been known to spend his lunch hour playing at rest homes. He is known by all who know him as a man who will put everything down to help out a friend in need.

Lyle has been asked many times over the years to write, arrange, and transpose music for people. He is skillful at understanding exactly what people want and is able to go above and beyond their expectations. The trust and respect that Lyle has for others is reflected in his work for others.

Lyle currently lives in Cedar City, Utah with his wonderful wife, Jan. He is a father to three children and grandfather to six. Other than an avocational career in music, he is a retired United Parcel Service (UPS) deliver man of twenty-four years! Lyle looks forward to what the future brings to him and his family.

Note From Lyle

Thank you for visiting my website; I really appreciate it. As you can guess, I love music! I really like writing and arranging religious, inspirational, and instrumental music. Although I am not a musician by trade, I have published eight CDs in my spare time - all to express my love for God. Music brings joy to my life and I want to share that joy with others.

I believe in serving people with my music, and I've tried to express that in the music I create. I believe God has blessed me with these musical talents to bring others unto Jesus Christ, for that is the ultimate gift I can give them. I hope my music brings you peace and comfort in these troubling times.

~ Lyle Hadlock