Lyle Hadlock

Pianist | Composer | Arranger

Lyle Hadlock's hands playing a Weinbach piano

The Music of Lyle Hadlock

Lyle's music touches the lives of many people, bringing peace and joy to listeners around the world!

I love these CDs. This music has such a calming effect that I use them as atmosphere music for family mealtime and throughout the day.

- Lenore Burgi (Roosevelt, UT)

Lyle is one of the greatest composers of all time! I really enjoy his music and I listen to it every week as I am getting ready for church. Some of my favorite songs are "Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing", and "There Is A Green Hill Far Away". He really takes the time to compose such good music.

- Lisa Pace (Springville, UT)

I just discovered Lyle Hadlock's music through the website "Latter-day Light & Devotion". "There is a Green Hill Far Away" is beautiful and soothing; the listening experience was like being transported to a peaceful valley sitting next to a placid pond under an oak tree. I am glad to have found Lyle's work and recommend it to others.

- Glenda Daane (Tallahasse, FL)

On stressful days after a day of doing missionary work, we turn on the "There Is a Green Hill Far Away" CD for relaxing comfort. It works every time. We love this music. We look forward to other CDs of this type. Simply wonderful and has helped us with the Lord's work.

- Annette & Roger Anderson (Fukuoka, Japan)

I have been a fan for a long, long time! While leading a children's singing group in Washington, I used songs from Lyle's "The Disciple Of Jesus Christ" Easter cantata and it was a fantastic program! While living in Arizona, I taught Lyle's "If Ye Love Me Keep My Commandments" (John 14:15) to a youth group; they were terrific! I have wanted to see him publish pioneer songs for children. I hope he hears this request!!!

- Cheryl Sakahara (Cedarville, CA)

My wife and I have enjoyed our Songs for The Sabbath CD many, many times. We have given it as a gift to several friends and family members. They comment on how much they are also enjoying it, especially as background music when a peaceful, sacred atmosphere is desired. It sets the tone for spiritual preparation. We appreciate Lyle's talents.

- Jay Risenmay (Rexburg, ID)

Lyle's music is fantastic! We have enjoyed listening to it again and again. He keeps the special spirit that the music possesses while adding a unique flavor to it. We definitely recommend it 100 percent!

- Nathan Hall (Snowflake, AZ)