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At the early age of 3, Lyle showed his potential as a musician.  He started playing piano by ear, and soon began composing songs.  One of his early favorites is “The Blazing Fleet,” a catchy little tune about a racehorse.  Since then, he has composed love songs, lullabies, New Age music, band marches, choral pieces, and religious songs and arrangements.

From the piano, Lyle went to the clarinet, playing throughout junior high, high school, and early years of college.  He later played clarinet and sax in the Marine Band.  In college, he took some theory classes, but Lyle’s knowledge and abilities in music really aren’t book learned; they are a gift from God.

Lyle was born and raised in Utah County, Utah, the youngest of 10 children.  He was born a triplet, but only he and his “twin” brother Lynn survived.  Besides music, he enjoyed animals, baseball, and girls. Lyle served a two-year mission to Oakland, CA for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Lyle has always used his music to bless the lives of others.  He often plays at weddings and funerals, senior citizen dances, company parties, and he has been known to spend his lunch hour playing at rest homes.  People call him regularly to transpose music for them, arrange simple melodies they’ve ‘composed’ in their head, and he’s a popular accompanist (because he can add so much more than is written). 

Lyle is married and has three awesome children. He is a full-time UPS driver, and does his music on the side.